Aquila adalberti

The Spanish Imperial Eagle (Aquila adalberti) is probably the most typical Spanish bimbo., Within the website it hashas been voted as the favourite bird to be observed from people's from abroad and twitchers. It's only possible to be seen in Iberian peninsula.

This stunning eagle was at high risk of extinction only a short time ago (70's). Nowadays is increasing and has a range/status of about only 180 adult pairs in the whole world, mainly in Spain. 

Approximately 24-28 have been listed within Madrid province, mainly in southwest and El Pardo Reserve, which represents the 16% of the worldwide population.

Incredible, around 9 pairs of Spanish Imperial Eagle Aquila adalberti, live around Monte de El Pardo

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See the Spanish eagle distribution (Area distribución del aguila imperial ibérica)

The best area to try to observe this big eagle is southwestern Madrid and El Pardo Reserve, southwest the province, where there are 10-16 reproductive pairs. 

The mediterranean forest of Madrid is one of the most representatives habitats for this eagle, as can be seen in the distribution map above. 

The Spanish Imperial Eagle does not like motorways, cars and people, but it can be seen on rare occasiones, just 14 km from Madrid City Center. In winter, autumn and spring is easier to observe in some parts of the region and around Central spain , because there are less people around. For a twitcher could be a nice lifer.

Aquila chrysaetus

he map distribution is widespread, in mountain areas as well as extended forests. In Madrid province, it easier to observe it in the Guadarrama National Park, northern Madrid.

Also, by now, a good site to see them hunting rabbits is north-east plains, where is frequent to observe them.

Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetus) is resident in mountain areas of Madrid and Central Spain

In fligth is a bit bigger than Spanish Eagle, and someplaces they share territory and also prey (rabbits).

Hieraatus fasciatus

Bonelli´s Eagle is another medium-large eagle, typical Spanish referred in European population. It lives in Madrid and Central Spain, but is more common in Extremadura and Southern Spain. This year (2011) it´s know the presence of a breeding pair in El Pardo Reserve.

That fantastic eagle is mostly a mediterranean eagle, and it´s population is mainly iberian, with about 2,000 eagles in Spain. It lives in mountains and mediterranean forest, and is resident in southwest Madrid.

It´s fligth figure is more stylized than Imperial and Golden eagles. and actually Bonelli´s eagle have to compete for the same preys with Golden eagle.

Since mixomathosis spread in rabbits population, it´s main preys are pigeons, lizards and red legged partridges; and have to compete for them with Golden eagle, and also is under risk because there are a poisoning increase due to poisoning by re-legged partrige hunters.